Reborn EP

by Milestones

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released June 24, 2016

Recorded at Sheboygan Recordings, Sheboygan WI, 53081



all rights reserved


End Park Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Five guys making catchy, emotionally driven melodic hardcore. See us live, we go crazy. We love you all!


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Track Name: Brendan Fraser's Excellent Adventure
My mind is gone to the demons inside
I cant maintain my sanity
How could you love me after what I've done
I cant forgive myself for what I've done
I cant find myself
But I'm still alive
Why cant you see that Im suffering
Forever in my skin
I cant be free
I cant be free
All of this compromise inside my head
I'm gone
& I cant run
I cant run
I cant...
I cant be myself with all I've been through
My mind it doesn't think
& My heart doesn't beat
Why cant you see that I'm suffering
Forever in my skin
I cant be me without treachery
I've accepted for all the things that i cant change
For all the things I've done to myself & the ones I love
Six feet under
No regrets
Track Name: Final Goodbye
I'm speaking hearsay to hollow bodies
Cause I've never found a real end
Just a way too break and bend my self into a half done smile
To let you know...
Ill be alright
Without you here
I cant believe youre gone
If you could see me know
I've come so far
My life's no longer a burden cause death has killed me
5 years ago
I lost the only person to keep me grounded
To keep my head above sinking waters
I wish you could be by my side guiding me though this path of life
Cause death has killed me
But i'm still breathing
I'm still breathing
I'm breathing for myself
All i ever wanted to do was say good
Cause the final words i spoke to you I could never forgive myself for
Brother come back to me
Why did he take you so soon
I don't deserve this life i have take
I cant live on this earth knowing that you're gone
I've taken this life for granted
Why couldn't it of been me
I don't deserve my life
You are gone but never forgotten
Rest in paradise
Track Name: Reborn
Rip me at the seams
& See I have given all I am and everything I can
I've grown tired and old of all of this
Am I the only one suffering in this hole alone
I am reborn
I am reborn
Take me now
Drag me to the depths
Take me now
Drag me to the depths
To the depths I go
I'm starting over to be the man I was meant to be
Keep alive
Just this once last time
I realize I created this in my mind
I need to be
Free from all of this
I'm Disgusting
Selfish & Reckless
Kill me now
Save me
Release me
For the first time in 5 years
I crawled out of the hole i dug for myself